Cybersecurity skilled employees are no longer a nice-to-have for organizations. With thousands of security threats, data penetrations, business complexes, and also Govt. regulations across the globe, businesses now are more aware of the fact that Cybersecurity skilled professionals are essential to the existence of their organizations. 

The problem, however, is the discrepancy between the job description being created and the skills that are available in the market.  

Real Cybersecurity talents remain hidden in the industry and recruiters cannot easily discover them. This creates a gap between available Cybersecurity skills and the jobs in the market.  

If you are Cybersecurity Expert and looking for your dream job, or a recruiter who is searching for Cybersecurity professionals, we designed this for you. 

Our webinar: 
“Matching Cybersecurity Skills to Jobs, A Step to Bridge the Skills Gap webinar” 

We want to help you to better align job roles – using the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework – with certifications that best prepare individuals for job openings. 

Our goal is to add another piece to bridge understanding, close the skills gap, and provide pathways to rewarding cybersecurity careers



Additionally, we offer the below courses in cooperation with  CertNexus: