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Training Instructions in Al-Khaleej training and education (Online Live Training)

Application Requirments

  1. Applicant must have the required academic qualifications for course enrolment according to the conditions to each training course. 
  2. Required documents :
     - A copy of the academic qualification with the original for verification.
     - A copy of Saudi & Gulf cooperation council national ID card or a regular valid residency (Iqama).
     - A recent photograph for CIT students only.  
  3. Fill in all the fields in registration form correctly and clearly, signing with approval on all the items.
  4. Writing the name in English is obligatory and it must be written correctly and clearly and the student has a responsibility of that it will be used when issuing the certificate. 
  5. Applicant must be physically fit so that there is not a disability to master skill and familiar with the principles of using the computer and the internet.
  6. Providing the center with an e-mail is obligatory and necessary for contact. 
  7.  The trainee must provide the requirements of Online training:
    - Desktop or laptop computer
    - Computer headsets and microphone.
    - Internet browser program and Internet connection with a speed of not less than 512 kbps

General conditions : 

  1. Commitment to the curriculum of the training course.
  2. Commitment to pay the fees when due.
  3. Commitment to public ethics during training sessions otherwise he/she will be denied to enter the session and there is not fees refund.
  4. Student is not allowed to use a mobile phone during the training sessions.
  5. Food and drinks are not allowed during training sessions.
  6. Student will be warned for frequent absence or bad manners for whatever reason was due to warning, and if the student gets a warning for the second time he/she will be denied to enter the session and there is not fees refund.
  7. Student’s enrollment will be folded in case the student does not finish within the permitted time according to the system. 

Study system :

  1. System used in course is the system of actual hour’s session.
  2. No registration in any other training course having requirement unless the student passes the previous requirements if needed.
  3. Registration fee 300 S.R non-refundable.
  4. Student receives a certificate after passing the course and complete all requirements. 

Attendance & Absence :

  1. Commitment to attend all lectures on time and student will be considered as absent if he/she delays more than 15 minutes from the start to the lecture.
  2. Student will be warned in case of absence 10% of the total course hours, and in case of increasing absence of 20% of the total course the student’s enrollment will be folded.
  3. All lectures must be attended live with the trainer, and achieve  attendance rate of not less than 80% of the training hours to be qualify and get the attendance certificate.
  4. Attending the recorded lectures is not considered as a live attendance, the recorded lectures can be used in some situations like absence or need to review the lecture.
  5. It is allowed to attend from the mobile in emergency cases only, the attendees must use the computer to enable practical application with the trainer and take the tests according to the requirements of each course

Registration procedure :  

  1. Fill in the registration form completely.
  2. Payment of all fees.
  3. Send the form to the registration officer so the student will be logged to the system.
  4. Registration is not confirmed before paying the fees of the course.
  5. Student receives the training plan of the course, the electronic training card and login manual to the system of virtual training. 

Withdrawal & postponement :

  1.  No refunds will be made unless the original invoice is brought.
  2. The trainee is not entitled to a refund of any amounts except in emergency circumstances, which include: incurable illness or the death of the trainee or one of his first degree relatives “provided that the date of the bill does not exceed 6 months”, and in case of overtaking the trainee is not entitled to have any refund. (Please note that these excuses must be officially approved and documented by official authorities only.) After calculating the costs due to him if the training begins.
  3. If the excuse is accepted according to the above conditions, the following provisions will be applied:
    - If the withdrawal was in more than 10 working days before the course start date, the trainee has the right to recover the fees in full while deducting the price of the training Material (electronic or printed material) if the trainee received the Material.
    - If the withdrawal was ten days before the start date of the course, 10% of the fees paid will deducting and the price of the training Material (electronic or printed material), will be deducted if the trainee receives it.
    - For the English language courses: If the withdrawal was in the first week of study even if he attended one day from the beginning of the course, 50% of the course fees will be deducted. - If the withdrawal was in the second academic week of the beginning of the course, nothing will be refund of the amount paid.
  4. The withdrawing trainee has the right to benefit from the amounts paid, to join any other program of Alkhaleej Training and Education Company within a period of a maximum of one year from the date of the official withdrawal.

Postponement and transfer:

  1. The trainee does not have the right to request postponement of the study or to request a leave during the study, but must attend the full training in accordance with the specified period and the approved training plan.
  2. The trainee has no right to use any remaining amounts in his balance after one year from the date of the bill.
  3. The trainee has the right to transfer from one development course to another before the start of the study with an obligation to pay the difference in fees, if any.
  4. The transferred trainee must committed to the price of the transferred program. 
  5. When transferring the balance from one course to another, the original prices are applied without any offers, and the trainee must pay the difference if any.
  6. The trainee is not entitled to transfer the amounts to any other trainee, but he is entitled to benefit from it only by himself and in the presence of the original invoice.
  7. The registration steps outlined previously should be followed to register for the transferred course, it is not possible to transfer from development courses to a diploma. 


  1. Upon interruption with an official excuse, the trainee must inform the training management directly in a formal way, and he must study in a period of 3 months maximum.
  2. Upon interruption without an official excuse, the trainee will dismissed.
  3. The trainee has no right to continue studying before register again and be treated as a new trainee.
  4. The trainee has no right to refund the paid amount or transfer it to another program. Certificates 

Certificates Issuing:

  1. The attendance certificate is issued after the trainee passes 75% of the scheduled course hours, passing the course and completing all its requirements.
  2. The trainee does not have the right to get his certificate after one year since the end of the course.
  3. Alkhaleej for Training and Education Company not responsible for damaging or losing any trainees certificates because certificates related to relationships with the professional or brand agents are in accordance with the validity of the agreements. 

Attendance confirmation : 

Attendance outside the center
I affirm I was informed that I must attend the training sessions on the specified time, and in case of absence more than 15% connected or 20% separated from the total to course hours, enrollment will be folded and I do not have the right to be granted the course attendance certificate, and at the end of the course the international certificate will be granted only after passing the course international exam if needed.

Attendance inside the center
I affirm I was informed that I must attend the training sessions on the specified time inside the center training lab, to get the certified attendance certificate from the technical & vocational training corporation, and in case of absence more than 15% connected or 20% separated from the amount of course hours, the enrollment will be folded, and the technical & vocational training corporation will be informed. Accordingly, then I will not receive the certified course attendance certificate from the technical & vocational training corporation. 

  Note : Due to fast changes, the company keeps its right of modifying the contents, the period and the prices of provided developmental courses.